2011/06/24, 20:53
Filed under: living

The more I look around and watch the world the more I see something that makes me nervous. It seems like we all need fancier clothes, bigger SUV’s, larger more imposing homes, better titles, more money and power.

Culturally it seems like we’re obsessed with power. (I only know this from my desires within me, but surely others aren’t that far off…) It seems like we have this desire to impress in all ways. Almost a compulsion to have more power, or at least portray ourselves as more powerful that we are. At least I catch myself pretending to be more ‘at ease’ or comfortable than I am at times. I think it goes back deep into a heart issue, that I want to come across more ‘in control’, more powerful than I am.. It’s like I wanna make myself a bigger deal that I truly am.

Lord, I wanna be small. I don’t want to make more of myself. I wanna be humble and at peace with the simple things you have called me to. Maybe I’ll find out that those simple things are really their own big deal…

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