2012/03/15, 22:12
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I had to write up a little post for my Financial Management Class about my favorite verse, or one that guided me, or spoke to me specifically. This is what I wrote. It’s not eloquent, but it’s true!

Discussion Question #4
Financial Management

Despite it taking me an eternity to get to write this weeks post, I am really excited by the challenge of this weeks topic.

It’s difficult to narrow down one passage to specifically nail down, but there were a few that really come to mind always. I finally settled on the one I felt like has been consistent on my heart for a few years now. Psalm 16:11 is the verse! Really I wanted Psalm 16:7-11, but had to narrow it down.

“You will make known to me the path of life;
In Your presence is fullness of joy;
In Your right hand there are pleasures forever.”

To explain my deep love of this verse deserves some background. One of my favorite books in the world in “Abide in Christ” by Andrew Murray. I truly cannot explain how much I love this book. The topic is obviously that of Abiding in Christ, or making our home in Christ, finding peace in Him, letting Him be our redeemer and to truly live our lives Abiding in Him. I love this topic because it’s so simple, but so challenging. God promises us absolute peace, total joy and completeness with Him. That’s incredible. It definitely transcends any happiness or goodness we can find outside of God. So as a result, I love Psalm 16, partially 11b (the bolded part). “In HIS presence is fullness of joy”! Wow, not just is there goodness, or peace, or comfort, or love, or redemption in abiding with God, there is fullness, completeness promised. In no one else am I promised, nor can I be, truly satisfied. In no one else can I really find joy, much less FULL joy.

For me, that simple Psalm of David (the man God Himself said was a man after His own heart); that Psalm reminds me of the truth God promises us. That He will make our home, and it will be with Him. And when we are at home with our Father, our joy will be full. In Him we are complete. I like that promise. A lot. Even when I don’t believe it.


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